Will Adams: Creative Director, Radio Joe’s Production Studios (502.585.5058)
“Tony Wolfe is consistently a good call. His range of characters, creative input and professional demeanor make him a pleasure to work with.”

Mike Becht: (Former) President, Audiacom
“Few voice talents have been as enjoyable to work with, as professional, and as uniquely gifted as Tony Wolfe. He has a rare ability to tailor his delivery and style to each project, bringing a fresh originality to each piece of copy.”

Joe Cullen Brown: Vest Advertising, (Louisville, KY)
“I love to use Tony on humor. His sense of timing is impeccable and the delivery can be as subtle as you like. Tony is always dependable, truly a pro.”

Mark Crowner: Producer/Director, Mark Crowner Productions (Louisville, KY)
Tony’s voice provided the spark of energy I needed for my video project. His easygoing manner made the recording session a real pleasure. He spontaneously gave me a variety of speeds and inflections of the copy which proved very helpful in the edit. I look forward to working with him again.”

Gary Guthrie: CEO, Talking Point Graphics
“In twenty-five years of working with talent, I can safely say that Tony Wolfe is one of the five most versatile character talents I’ve encountered. There’s nothing Tony can’t do once he steps up to the mic. I never once saw him fail a creative challenge.”

Rob Kersting: (Former) Publicist, Comedy Caravan (Louisville, KY)
“As a voice actor, Tony is able to quickly and accurately capture the director’s spirit of the character. As a spokesperson, Tony’s acting talent lends him the two traits I always look for in audio production, sincerity and believability. In a nutshell, Tony Wolfe is one of the finest voice actors I have worked with.”

Rocky Knight: (Former) PM Drive Time Air Talent, WLUE 104.3 FM (Clarksville, IN)
“I worked with Tony for nearly ten years. Dependable, professional and a great sense of humor and timing.”

Dave Lee: Production Director, WAMZ 97.5FM (Louisville, KY)
“Tony Wolfe is a machine! He comes in prepared, takes direction very well and delivers the performance required for the job. He always has a great attitude that contributes to a smooth efficient session. Whether it’s a character voice, straight read or hard sell, his smooth polished delivery is always right on the money.”

Troy Roebuck: (Former) AM Drive Time Air Talent, WLUE 104.3 FM (Clarksville, IN)
“Tony is not only among the premiere voice talents in the country, he is a consummate professional. Straight reads, characters, accents, celebrity impressions; you name it and Tony can do it.”

Scott Stanley: Creative Services Director, Clear Channel Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
“Tony aims to please, and takes direction better than anyone I’ve worked with. Different voices, different styles, you name it. Of the many talents I’ve worked with Tony is one of the finest.”

Wayne Smith: Natural Sound Studios, (Erie, PA)
“Tony’s remarkable range has quickly made him a great go-to guy for us. But what we like most about Tony is his “everyman” quality, both in announcing and acting roles. He’s a rare talent.”

The Late Tim Wilson: National Touring Comedian, Capitol Recording Artist
“Tony Wolfe is one of the best in the business. His character voices are so animated and his impressions are so dead-on. He could do Saturday Night Live tonight!”