Tony Wolfe started in the business of voice over at the age of sixteen. Three years later he began working as a character actor providing impersonations and character development for a Louisville, KY morning drive time radio show in 1985. This afforded him fourteen well-invested years of experience where he developed characters, wrote and performed in comedy bits and provided voiceovers for commercials and imaging projects. He even made comedy club stage appearances as some of the characters he portrayed on the show.

Some of Tony’s projects include: various audio projects for several Fortune 500 companies, an animated children’s program where he provided voices for eight of the fifteen characters in the pilot. He is the voice of Fischers Meats’ Mr. Bologna and his James Stewart impersonation was used as a promo for NBC’s TODAY Show. He provided the voice for a children’s interactive nightlight and he is the voice of The Redneck Horn, which was featured on NBC’s Tonight Show (with Jay Leno).

Tony also provides more serious reads for a wide variety of projects. He has provided voice for training videos and online courses for both corporate and universities. He was in the emergency services arena 1986-2006 as a firefighter/medic and a medicolegal death investigator where his voice adds a level of knowledge and sincerity for projects in the fire, medical and law enforcement related fields.

Tony is listed in several talent pools and his voice is used in studios all over the United States, Canada and Australia. Whether it is message on hold, station imaging, e-learning, audio books or characters for any application, Tony is always eagerly seeking new opportunities to expand and diversify his talent portfolio.

Agency representation is currently non-union.

Tony’s huge vocal range allows for reads of all types including:

  • E-learning / Training
  • Radio / TV commercials
  • Long Form Narration
  • Characters
  • Children’s programming
  • Gaming
  • Station Imaging
  • Messages On Hold
  • Interactive Web Site
  • Cartoons / Animated Film
  • Movie trailer
  • And moreā€¦
Tony Wolfe